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Soothie°  Cushion for Truck Drivers

Soothie° Cushion for Truck Drivers

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As a truck driver, you know all too well how long drives have the potential to cause serious back and neck pain. Experts warn that poor posture while sitting or standing for long periods can lead to back, neck, shoulder, and even wrist pain. The good news is that it’s never too late to correct your posture. Just as posture is important to a healthy back and muscular system when sitting at work, it is equally as important while driving. Sitting in a truck for long periods of time can aggravate back and hip problems, or create new ones. Looking for certain features in a car so it fits your body, and modifying your posture while you are in it will go a long way making your driving experiences more comfortable. The soothie? is the perfect ergonomic solution. It provides much needed support, and can also be used for cold or heat comfort during those harsh weather conditions of chilly winters and scorching summers.

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