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Soothie°  Cushion for Children

Soothie° Cushion for Children

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Applying hot and cold therapy using the soothie? will the most soothing comfort & relief for your child at those times of aches and pains. Soothie? ice is ideal for treating bumps and bruises, relieving pain from headaches, toothaches and to lower the body temperature. Depending on your child's injury, applying soothie? hot and cold therapy to the affected area of his body can be an effective way to reduce pain. Keep Sensitive Skin Safe Children’s skin often is more sensitive than adult skin to extreme temperatures. The following tips will help keep your child’s skin safe. When trying heat or cold with your child, first test it on yourself and then try it with your child in small increments for short periods of time (five to 10 minutes). Apply a few times during the day to determine your child’s tolerance. Check your child’s skin for redness every few minutes. The skin should be slightly pink, as when the child is taking a bath or shower. As with any treatment, consult your child’s doctor before experimenting with heat or cold therapy.

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