Our Story

The amazing soothieº cushion, born in 2007 and prototyped as A Better Back®, was created out of necessity because I suffered with back pain from sitting at a computer for 8 or more hours a day. Now, I live to bring people comfort!

Practically everyone I knew suffered from back pain, but none of us could stop long enough to deal with it. I was determined to find an effective solution: an easy, convenient way to soothe the aches – without downtime, without electric heating pads or messy cold packs, and without taking time away from all those things we all must do every day. 

When I couldn’t find the answer, I decided to invent it. 

Originally, I called my invention A Better Back® because I felt such pride in helping people feel better by alleviating the pain associated with back strain and injury. Soon, I realized that my thermapeutic cushion also helped relieve the pain of other chronic conditions such as sciatica, scoliosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. I changed its name to soothieº to describe its healing, comforting effects. 

In our pill popping-society that seems to have a med for everything, my goal is to educate people how to take better care of themselves without prescriptions and chemicals. 

Our first public project was to help improve the posture of online college students at a local online university. By alternately using soothieº hot and cold, the students reported that they also experienced added alertness during long hours of study. Even more buzz started when college coaches and athletes discovered soothieº and began praising the value of its long-lasting heating and cooling properties. Coaches and athletes alike knew that intermittent hot and cold therapy results in quicker recovery, and they found soothieº to be the perfect remedy for post-game pain and soreness. Because soothieº is safe and easy to travel with, they could extend their comforting muscle therapy throughout their long trips!  

The hands-free design and affordable price make soothieº a favorite companion for students, athletes, coaches, fans and everybody to enjoy!

For more than a decade we have been doing product development and market research, testing the product at home shows and in targeted industries such as chiropractic, trucking, medical transcription, quilting and crafting. Drawing on the expertise and advice of our long-time mentors and feedback from our loyal customers, we are now thrilled to introduce our perfected new product, the soothieº thermapeutic cushion.

Many soothieº users prefer to alternate hot and cold therapy sessions for the most soothing results. That’s because applying heat increases blood flow to the affected area, relaxing muscles and easing stiffness. In contrast, applying cold restricts blood flow and reduces swelling. Rotating hot and cold therapies stimulates healthy circulation, bringing healing oxygen and nutrients to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Any time you use soothieº to relieve your stresses and strains, please know that I am truly grateful for your business and fully invested in your comfort. It is such an honor to bring better health and wellness to all, one body at a time.

Claudia Rimoli
Founder, soothieº thermapeutic cushion, manufactured by A Better Back®

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