101 Ways to Use Soothie° Hot & Cold "Thermapuedic" Therapy

Posted by Kim LaRosa on 1/2/2018 to Instructions

HOT & COLD “Thermapeutic” Therapy

Doctors and therapists have long understood the benefits of contrasting thermal care, alternating hot and cold to utilize the body’s natural response to temperature as a mechanism to promote blood flow and speed patient's recovery and healing.  Coupled with the ergonomics of a portable lumbar support cushion readily adapted to work, travel or home, Soothie° has the patented design that provides a practical solution to sustained, “thermapeutic” back and body care.

101 Ways to Use Soothie° - Portability, Strap, Wrap & Sit On

Posted by Kim LaRosa on 1/2/2018 to Instructions


Soothie° is the perfect companion for extra support and warmth while sitting at the movies, hard seating at stadium events and more.  Professional drivers and travelers love the comfort, flexibility, and hot & cold options.  Whether on the road, in the air or on water, the comfort features are undeniable. You’ll never leave home without it!  


101 Ways to Use Soothie° Ergonomically

Posted by Kim LaRosa on 1/2/2018 to Instructions

Although soothie° has always focused on providing the best lumbar support system available, soothie° has numerous applications for total body care. With its dual-slotted thermal pack design separated by insulated memory foam, a pliable (washable) cover with adjustable straps, it can conform to any part of the body where relief is needed.



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