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Soothie°  Cushion for Menopause

Soothie° Cushion for Menopause

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Removal of the ovaries, which is recommended for some women, causes immediate permanent menopause. ... Finally, there's a solution that some women use to treat natural menopause symptoms that are especially severe or bothersome.

Solution: Soothie° cooling therapy provides a convenient and discreet relief for women suffering from the discomfort and embarrassment of menopausal hot flashes. Can be used anytime, anywhere. Simply insert the cold element into the hands-free cushion and instant relief. An innovative solution for an unavoidable problem. Natural and topical; will not interact with any other treatments or therapies you are using.

Our soothie°, the thermapeutic cushion that lets you choose hot therapy, cold therapy or room- temperature softness any time you need long-lasting, hands-free comfort and pain relief. Use soothie° sitting or standing, at home, in the car or at the office, horizontally or vertically, on any part of your body that feels stiff, sore or needs support. Soothie° comes with two patented Microcore® element packs, making it easy and convenient to choose, use and alternate hot and cold therapies for maximum relief. With a quick switch, you can use your soothie° with its Microcore® element heated or cooled, or with no Microcore® element pack at all.

Pick the therapy you prefer – soothie° lets you enjoy comfort by degrees.

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